What Is Translation?

What Is Translation?

Translation, as we pointed out earlier, is the conversion or interpretation of words in one language in order to ease understanding and the acquisition of knowledge for a speaker of a different language. Translation is very effective when done by a translator familiar with the whole cultural context of the language being translated. Good translation services ensure that perfect translation is achieved.

The relationship between the English and Italian languages goes way back. The two cultures have a related history in Europe, and both use many words that originated in Latin, so the languages share certain features. Italian to English translation benefits because of these common features, and this can help the translator.

Translation can never be said to be accurate if some words are glossed over or made to take on a different meaning. Translation is paramount in our understanding of thoughts and facts expressed in another language. This service is needed to make accessible the words that we want to use to understand, reflect on and interact with other cultures. We could never achieve this without translation.

Now, the value of Italian to English translation is that it allows people to understand what has been written even if the original words are in a language they don’t speak. An English person would not be able to understand what is said – maybe even said about him! – in Italian, if there were no Italian to English translation services.

So, in summary, translation helps us to understand a different culture and enables the free flow of communication in our everyday lives.

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