Succeed in website translation

Succeed in website translation

Succeed in website translation – what to keep in mind

When it comes to website translation, most people get lost in translating the text itself. Although this is clearly an important aspect of the process, there are other several essential things one has to keep in mind in order to be able to provide professional website translation services of the highest quality. Here are some very useful tips everyone working in this domain should take into account.

Website Localisation

Website localisation: Pay great attention when translating the text

As it was already mentioned, website localisation is one of the most important tasks of a translator, but it is also the most labour-intensive part of the process. The words represent the most powerful tool of direct mode communication with those who access the site, be they current customers of the specific company or potential customers, so it is important for it to be done properly and in a language that visitors understand.

CMS support for the language you are targeting is also important

A website’s content management system, also known as CMS, does not always support the language you are translating into, which means that you have to build support for that language into a CMS. Otherwise, you should consider developing a workaround, which is available most of the times, so you rarely need to switch CMS platforms.

Select the right symbols

It is worth mentioning that dates, currencies or times are not displayed the same in all countries, since each country has its own system of displaying these symbols. Even in English-speaking countries for instance this can happen: the US and Australia use different systems for displaying the date. This means that you have to be very careful when translating a website from one language to another, since you have to consider adapting formatting for these aspects considering the target country.

Opt for local language selection

You should know that localising a website is actually part of something greater and this is something visitors should know about, which means that it is recommended to introduce on that localised site the option for visitors who want to see the main website of the company, although it is displayed in a different language. Some visitors will feel more comfortable with English and they will want to take a closer look at the company’s site in this language. Take website localisation into account and insert a link to redirect the visitor to view the source site, whether it is displayed in English or in another language.

Local social media is the key

It is generally agreed that social media is highly important in promoting a business in a fast and cost-effective manner. However, social media can differ from one country to another, depending on people’s preferences. In the US for instance, Facebook is definitely the network that dominates this domain, along with other outlets such as Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn. In other countries though, there may be other social media outlets that dominate the scene, which means that you have to identify them and to take advantage of them in order to allow people in that region to share the site with their friends and family on those social networks.

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