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Legal translation services are becoming quite common with time. As law firms expand and interact with clients globally, they need to be able to communicate efficiently and easily. This is where legal translations are required. A law or legal translation service ensures that the language barrier between a firm and their client does not become a hindrance.

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Law firms and legal counsels have to be very careful when interacting with their overseas clients. Legal matters are highly complex and sensitive; they require a lot of accuracy and expertise. This is why a firm has to make sure that all their legal documents are well translated and comprehensible, highly accurate and properly certified. It is not something that can be easily done when overseas clients are involved.


Firms or legal counsel have to be able to communicate easily with their clients based anywhere around the world. That way, they will not only be able to grow, but also establish a reputation for themselves in different parts of the world. A legal translation agency can help a firm achieve all this.


Efficient and accurate translations of legal documents help law firms interact with their overseas clients easily. They will be able to convey their stance and aid their clients with complex legal matters. Most law translation services also certify their legal documents, which makes them acceptable within a client’s native country. These certified legal documents can be used in trials or hearings as well. Certification of a document is also done to attest to its accuracy.


This way, the client can be assured that their documents are accurate, legally acceptable and officially recorded.

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Espresso Translations is a translation agency that services legal corporate counsel and law firms everywhere. Our  translation agency can handle large scale and complex legal matters, providing document support in multi lingual cases. We have a group of experienced professional legal translators who have handled thousands of foreign language documents. We ensure accuracy, confidentiality and efficiency. Our professional translators specialise in documents involving a number of legal matters such as:

Corporate Litigation Translation

Mergers and Acquisitions Documents Translation

Patent Litigation Translation

Anti-Trust Documents Translation

FCPA and Bribery Act

Commercial Litigation

Freccia bianca



Our services include legal translation services of all such documents in various languages across the globe. Our network of mothertongue translators ensures accurate translations of legal documents into foreign languages for business correspondence, technical issues or data collection. Whether you need a ten page document translated or a large scale solution, we can do it for you.


Our law professional translators are certified and highly accurate. All your documents will be proofread over and over to avoid any kind of error. We ensure that your work is done in time and within a budget. Our native translators are also some of the best in the industry. They are highly qualified linguists who can accurately translate several thousand legal documents.


You can be assured of our expertise and qualifications. We offer complete security and confidentiality of all documents involved in correspondence or any other matter. There is no need to be concerned or worried about anything. You can count on us to be honest and trustworthy in all our work.

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