Human Translation in the Forefront of Translation

Human Translation in the Forefront of Translation

What is Being in the Forefront?

Being in the forefront means being the leader, the best, and the main influencer of how things are done. Because languages evolve and are infinitely varied, the human mind is best equipped to decide how words are most appropriately translated. Software translation can never catch up to the level of human translation, whether English-Italian translation or any other pair of languages.

Software cannot be trusted to do a translation job satisfactorily because software is not, and cannot be, creative in any way. What is creativity in translation, we might ask? It is doing something extraordinary. It is bringing out nuances to make sure that communications are conveyed accurately, helping to achieve your goals. This is the area where human translation shows its strength. Italian to English translation will be done the way it should be done, if and only if human translation is used.

Another benefit of human translation is an intricate familiarity with the subject or language to be translated; no computer is close to being able to equal the human mind. Software doesn’t always interpret certain words correctly, especially in context, and thus software will not translate text in harmony with the original intent. Making use of human translation limits the many errors that might occur in machine translation. Human translation remains the most effective method for now and for the foreseeable future, placing it solidly in the forefront.



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