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Fashion Translation: Fashion gives us all more choices. Some people crave the latest styles, while others yearn for the old-fashioned quality of a garment lovingly stitched by hand. Some consumers browse sprawling retail websites in search of a bargain, while others are happy to spend a pretty penny to look pretty. No matter what kind of customer you are targeting, we can help you reach out and tell your story about fashion in a way that speaks the language of your customers.

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Your brand may be bold or traditional, urban chic or ruggedly outdoorsy, geared to the young or aimed at those seeking timeless style. Perhaps you provide raw materials, fabrics or new technologies that designers need so their imaginations can soar. Regardless of the niche, Espresso Translations offer fashion translation services can help fashion professionals communicate their ideas and their products.

We take care to provide accurate fashion translations that convey concepts in a way that makes sense in a different culture. We can help translate your fashion documents regardless of the scale, whether you have a small start-up business or a massive enterprise.

If you have questions about a project, just ask us, and you will quickly discover our dedication to quality fashion translations.



traduzioni settore moda | fashion translation

If you are in the fashion industry, there is no reason not to market your products and services around the world. Fashionistas are open to new styles from anywhere – novelty is always in vogue – and today’s consumers are increasingly interested in artisanal work. If your sales are limited to your home country, they are … well … limited. Pictures can indeed be worth a thousand words, but to tell the whole story about fashion you must be able to describe your special materials, your approach to style, your business practices and many other intangibles. Knowing what you want to tell your customers is a great start, but to take the next step you need to be able to speak to global consumers.


We’re always happy to answer questions about translating the following kinds of fashion documents – and more:

Translation of correspondence with suppliers or customers

Translation of product listings that help sell your merchandise

Translation of descriptions of fabric technologies

Translation of articles on the hottest trends in fashion

Packaging and labeling

Translation of Advertisings

Freccia bianca



Our certified professional translators care about excellence in their work just as much as you do, and our focus on accuracy makes sure that your exciting products are attractive to people beyond the borders. At Espresso Translations, a second person proofreads all your translated fashion documents to catch any possible errors, and we also take care to meet your deadlines and respect your budget.


The talented linguists we hire are some of the best around, so you can be sure of our quality work, whether you have a brief document or a massive product catalogue. Machine translations can be cheap, but they are not to be trusted! Work done by experienced people with a flair for words is incomparably better. In addition to the care we take with your documents, you can have confidence that we will respect your needs for confidentiality and security.


All your documents will be proofread by at least one extra person to avoid any errors. We make sure that your project is done on time and within your budget. Our native translators are also some of the best in the industry. They are highly qualified linguists who can translate your words so that they attract and persuade your potential customers, wherever they may be.


Hire Espresso Translations, because our top-quality fashion translation services are always in style.

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